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Barber Connect 2016

Two years ago, when Solomon's Beard became reality, we were conscious of the quality and the level of what we had created: the months of research, testing, meetings, had taken shape, and finally the dream had materialized there, in front our eyes; there was the will on bringing what is our culture, our knowledge, the experience, the desire to condense all within a product, to offer ourself and our vision to public, as broad as possible, but you know future is always an unknown factor, and the unknowns, however, are overcome through deep and hard work.

Today, Solomon's Beard is a rapidly expanding brand: the characteristics of our products, their naturalness and craftsmanship, has allowed us to make ourselves known, until the point of becoming a benchmark, in our country, Italy, from which we draw continuous inspiration, then get to be appreciated all over Europe: small shops, barbershops, large European distribution deal with our products, renewing their esteem, confidence and respect for our work.

With these feelings, with this energy, also this year, we will be present in what is, in general opinion, the most important event in the world Barber and related products: BARBER CONNECT, which, as every year , gathers in south Wales the best professionals and the best worldwide brands. This fair is visited and enjoyed by thousands of people, businessmen, hairdressers and fans: Solomon's Beard could not miss, and we won’t. Last year's event was full of meetings, new creativity, we looked at the UK market gaining interest and great reviews.

The Connect 2016 will see us again as protagonists: we will be even more load and aware that we have our vision to share, next to all the giants of Barber and Men's Grooming’s world.

Organize a trip like this is not easy, it always happens few last minute problems, needed investments, sacrifice and spirit of adventure; Solomon's Beard fields this and much more to offer to those who will come to our booth and visit us, a true unique experience. An modern, dynamical and elegant stand, that faithfully reproduce our world, our values, our Brand: you will find an enthusiastic team, talented barbers, ready to meet you and listen to your needs: you'll find our products, some news, so many ideas, Made in Italy will be celebrated in a room full of big names, big brands, with which we will have the opportunity and the good fortune of living this fantastic experience.

Solomon's Beard grows, and it opens up to new horizons: the Barber Connect is an important stage of our journey and we hope to share it with you.

We are waiting on 26-27 June to Barber Connect of Newport.

To know more details about this event, please complete and submit the form on the page contacts.