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Barber Convention Club 2016

The Germanic Chronicles

Germany has a great story, and a deep-rooted culture, about hair and beard care; this is evidenced by many barbershop,ecommerces and companies which operate in this area: a land of conquest for any new product, the German market is certainly one of the main goals for any business owner or brand which wants to build a good reputation in this difficult market.

PomadeShop is one of the largest German reality, in sale, distribution, and in outlining the new trends in men's grooming. Among the various initiatives sponsored by this important company, the Barber International Convention 2016 certainly has a prominent place at European level: SOLOMON'S BEARD had the honour and pleasure to be invited along to the largest and best European and world brands, as a representative for technical, quality, tradition and everything that Made in Italy represents!

Solomon's Beard, present with its stand, reaps the fruits of the great work done with love and passion in these years: now as then, we bring to this international spotlight our idea of style, our vision of contemporary man; a man that takes care of himself, who tells his story through his beard, not for fashion or to be equated to the mass, but a man who wants to stand out with elegance and charme, who loves liking and bein liked.

Solomon's Beard in unsuspected times has helped to create and develop this life philosophy, focusing on natural products, first quality raws, heritage of our country: enveloping and sensual fragrances, for each type of personality. An idea of man who has caught on, and now has its proper recognition, the spotlight it deserves, in this beautiful event.

Germany is not a point of arrival..but a starting one!

The journey has just begun.


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