Beard Balm regenerating and protective

Solomon's Beard’s beard balm, created with a unique and original formulation, is produced by fermentation of plants and especially of those belonging to the family of Brassicaceae. All components used are natural, which makes these balms completely biodegradable.

Main Components

  • Jojoba’s liquid Wax, consisting of tocopherols, vitamin E, B complex, zinc, copper is able to treat the beard, making it strong, shiny and able to repair the damages caused by aggressive washes or wrong treatments;
  • The Sunflower Oil, thanks to its unique chemical composition, plays an important protective action both on the surface and on the skin, giving the beard a shiny appearance and a silkiness’ feeling on touch;
  • The latest generation’s Biomimetic Keratin, conditions "intelligently" beard hairs reducing porosity;
  • The Carbossicisteina and hydrolysed proteins allow to restore hair fiber, preventing the aging capillary.

How to use

  • Apply the conditioner in a uniform way, in the amount of a nut, on the whole beard;
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes;
  • *Rinse.

* Please note that the product can be also used without rinsing, when applied in small doses, to create a protective shield on your beard; It’s a recommended treatment in case of sea, snow or dusty’s environments.

Our Beard Balm

In addition to choosing the best components to completely take care of the beard, we decided to make our balms even more complete, by adding elements that can perfume the beard with very special fragrances.