Beard Oil nutritive and perfuse

Our beard oil is an incredible product, made of vegetable oils of Argan, Jojoba and Sweet Almonds, designed for every kind of beard, an oil that we mostly suggest to those who wear long beards.
These oils own considerable benefit properties:

  • Argan oil, rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, is a strong softening, nutrient, protective and anti-age agent.
  • Jojoba oil, whose structure is very similar to Sebo, restores the proper balance of the skin’s lipid film and normalize Cutaneous gland secretions.
  • Sweet Almonds oil owns high sweetening properties; makes the bear more soft and moisturized.

And more, the black pepper formulation adds a revitalizing and energizing action.

Very important is the presence of a completely natural ester which makes our oils easily absorbable, giving them a light and dry touch, useful in every situation and for every kind of beard.

How to use

It’s possible to use the product both wet or dry beard, with different results:

  • Apply on wet beard for a detangling, softening and restoring action;
  • Apply on dry beard for a polishing action.


We decided to create unique products, and we made it thanks to very particular fragrances which make even more enjoyable the act of taking care of beard and our own appearance.