Products for beard, Only natural.Made in Italy.Cruelty Free.

Today, a man who decide sto grow a beard, is a man who really takes care of his image: he grew it since to the firsts millimeters, he gives it all the attention it needs, and then he give a shape, he creates his personal style, and cure his beard with specific and high quality’s beard products.

These are the reason why we decided to put to use our 30 years experience, gained in our salon “BARBER SHOP CREW” where we take care and “cuddle” our bearded customers, to create a line of natural products, easy to use, rich in beneficial properties, and perfumed with unique fragrances. These products are very easy to use, the do not requires laborious procedures, and suite also the needs of those men who travel a lot, but do not renounce to keep their beard always soft, perfumed and beautiful, day by day.

Science, nature and Made in Italy

Solomon’s Beard products line is the result of a collaboration with experts, both of Trichology that in the creation of natural products, with whom it was possible to make a careful choice of the materials used in order to ensure the health and care of both the hair that of the skin.

All this, combined to a Lab production, allows us to offer you a range of products with guaranteed quality, natural, not tested on animals and in complete harmony with the Made in Italy style.

Beard and around

To maintain and care both the beard that their own style, not only products are needed, but also specific accessories that we wanted to create always maintaining the same canons of style and quality. The combination of our products allows those who have decided to have a beard to get everything they need and even more!


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We are very proud of our products, and the fact they’re having a huge success means that we were able to understand and create what the bearded was searhing for.

Try our fantastic products: your beard will feel the difference!