Shaving Beard products and tips

Beard Shaving is, for many people, a daily appointment that would love to be avoided.

In our Barber Shop we have heard many testimonies about it and the different reasons: many gemtle customers would like a close shave without irritation, for others the problem is represented by a very sensitive skin, others have problems due to a tough beards or ingrown hairs.

These and other similar causes, are often the reason that makes so hostile an everyday shave. To face these problems, our suggestion is to use a proper technique and specific quality products able to:

  • Facilitate the mechanical aspect of shaving;
  • Act on the skin and hair with nutrients and healing elements.

In addition to suggestions, which we are always ready to share, we decided to do something practical to meet the needs of those who have to shave every day, with the goal of making this moment: pleasant, comfortable and relaxing.

Products for shaving beard

We puttes on work our entire Crew, to create a series of specific shaving products while maintaining our high standard of quality: the products we use are natural and certified, in the way for it to be in harmony with the Made in Italy style concept.