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After Shave Bitter Almond 100ml


Steel Shaving Bowl

Pre Shave Bitter Almond 100ml

Quick Overview

  • Pre-shave based on natural oils

  • Elasticizing and nourishing action

  • Hydrates the skin

  • Prevents redness

  • Softens the hair

  • Italian product

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Pre-shave Shoothing

 Pre-shave emulsion, with a nice scent of Bitter Almond, made of: Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Bisabolol, Physalis Angulata extract and Vitamin E.

• Wheat Germ Oil with its high nourishing and antioxidant power is able to: soften the beard making it easier to shave, moisturize the skin and avoid redness and irritation.

 • Jojoba Oil, with a structure very similar to sebum: it normalizes the balance of skin hydrolipidic film giving elasticity and comfort, softens the hair making it elastic and easier to shave.

 • Sweet Almond Oil completes the elasticizing and nourishing action of the product.

 • The presence of Bisabolol and the extract of Physalis Angulata ensures a preventive and soothing action in case of irritation and redness. Specifically, the extract of Physalis Angulata, with its similar cortisone action without side effects, is able to exert an intense anti-inflammatory action by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and restoring proper dermal function.

In case of irritation, the product, due to its high soothing power can be used as aftershave.


• Moisten the face with warm water;

• Put 5 drops of product on your palm and gently massage your face;

• Leave the pre-shave acting before shaving the area.

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